What Heidi Coker told us!

1. Favorite thing about competitions…

I’m not sure that I have a favourite thing about competition! Competition can be stressful and there’s a lot of pressure. I guess one thing that I do love about competition is seeing people from all over the world! You meet people and build a friendship with them.  So it’s exciting to see your friends again.

2. Do you ever feel the need to just freestyle? 

YES!!!  I love to freestyle! Typically for performances and competitions I try to have a set routine, but recently I’ve had to change that a little bit. I had to freestyle as a performance piece recently and it was a thrilling and emotional experience!  Certainly there are times that I do feel the need to just freestyle.  It’s my absolute favourite thing to do. Just move with the music and express myself and feel good dancing with the pole.  Although I will admit that some days it’s easier to dance than others… so if I’m having a “good” dancing day, I freestyle as much as possible!

3. How about a sexy routine?

I don’t really do sexy too often. When I do try to be sexy, I would call it more flirtatious or sensual. But I will admit that when I first got in the pole it was due to the sexy aspect of it. So if I pick a song and it moves me in sort of a sexy way then I’ll go for it. 

4. Do you have a Nemesis move? 

I guess I would say the Janerio. I think it’s a beautiful move but it doesn’t really work on my body. People ask me to teach them and I always do, but with a little bit of “oh, not THAT move!!”  to go with it. 

5. Ever get tired of competing? 

Yes sometimes I do feel tired of competing. One thing about our industry is that you have to keep your name out there, and competition is one way to do that. I would probably rather just perform and do a showcase but we only have a few opportunities to do.  Competition is just a tool to get my style out there and show the world a little bit of what I like to do. We are not like circus, where they focus on performances and NOT competition.  

6. How do you relax after competition? 

After competition, if it went well, it’s easy to relax!! All of that stress is instantly relieved after your routine! But if something went wrong, I will struggle to let go of what happened.   After the show I  like to be with my friends or husband,  sit back and enjoy that all that I’ve worked for has come to a final point. Relaxing could be going out for dinner, having a drink or going to do something fun in another country. 

7. Favorite thing apart from pole? 

My favourite thing apart from Pole, would be being at home with my husband and my kitties. I love to garden, work outside, bake, cook and just be creative and make things.  I love to explore outdoors and experience life.

8.  Any special diet when training?

When I train, I don’t really have a special diet. I always try to eat healthy to feel good. I eat everything, meat, fish, eggs  lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. I don’t really limit anything from my diet, life is too short for that.  I don’t have any food  allergies, so I’ll try anything! 

9. Anything funny that happened during a performance? 

I can’t think of anything funny that happened during the performance specifically.  Every time you perform or compete on a stage, the routine becomes a living thing. So many things happen in the moment! Sometimes things happen and you have to keep moving and make it look like nothing’s wrong! I do remember Pole Art 2011, my top slipped down  so I’ve had to turn my back to the audience, pull up and cover my breast right quick!  I don’t know if I call that funny or not, but that’s an unexpected event! 

10. What do you say if someone says they can’t succeed? 

If someone feels that no matter how much they train they’re not going to succeed,that makes me really sad.  We all have things that we struggle with.  We all have things that we want to accomplish and I think just enjoying the process that were working towards a goal or working towards bettering ourselves, IS the success. Working and enjoying the process is as important as reaching the goal itself. Hopefully people can switch their thinking. “I’m gonna try these things and I’m really gonna enjoy the process along the way”, and hopefully those things will come but if they don’t try something else. Try something different and realise that not everybody is meant to do everything. And that we have to learn what works for us and what doesn’t. That’s the whole process of life.  I love that we can use Pole as a metaphor for life, to never give up and always keep trying and to believe in ourselves, to express ourselves, explore creativity and just enjoy the process as we go!

We are honoured to collaborate with such an amazing pole athlete, dancer and person! We are even more happy that she trusted us to make her own Signature Set Design! We love her and love her design as well!

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