Pole dancing in the years of COVID

Well one of the things that helped keep my sanity during the covid 19 quarantines was pole dancing. I was one of the lucky ones that had a pole at home and it really helped me hold a weekly schedule pretty much like when the studios were open. THANK THE GODS OF INTERNET for providing! 

Let me take it from the beginning. What you should know about me is that I have been pole dancing for the last 9 years and I’ve been a pilates instructor since 2010, which means I -like many others-  maintain a very busy schedule with practice and teaching sessions. Normally I ,too, felt completely lost when the lockdowns were announced. I decided that this shouldn’t bring me down and that there is no reason at all to let all this hard work go to waste. I mean we have ways of making things work now right? Plus I decided that I should make all this free time (which I rarely had up to that point) count. I have a pole at home and everyone has a smartphone or a laptop, webcams are a given now so let’s do it! I immediately contacted my pole instructor and my clients and proposed online sessions. Some will say “duh!” . Well in Greece online workout sessions weren’t so popular people were sceptical up to that point. Thankfully they were all on board! 

What I really want to point out here (oh see what I did there? ), is that the weekly schedule I managed to have during the lockdowns was most of all beneficial for my mental health, I assume this goes for my instructor and clients as well. I feel that the fact that we were able to maintain our routines, even if it meant we had to do it at home, gave some structure to our lives during these chaotic times.

I personally grew a lot this year both as a professional and a student. You have to be creative when you work like this, you know? You need to keep your students motivated and challenge them even without all the equipment and props they had access to before. So I did and I am so glad and proud of myself for that. Also I made so much progress as a pole dancer in a year and gained so much strength I couldn’t believe myself! 

I can honestly say that I reached my goal to not get swallowed by these difficult times. As it seems we still have a long way to go, so I really hope I can encourage people to try and get a positive outcome, it’s never too late you know! Not only for pole dancing or pilates. Anything that can make one feel good about themselves, something that works for me doesn’t necessarily work for someone else but whatever it is just go for it! 

We’re all in this together people! 

We want to thank Christina Syrakou aka Soufle for sharing her experience through those tough days for all! We just hope that all this will soon come to an end and we will hug, kiss, train like before! <3

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