Pole vs Pilates…

So here’s my story with pole dancing…

I’m a pilates instructor for the last 5 years and I’ve been a pilates lover for 11! I have always been a pro – fitness kind of person trying to encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle -ok… with the appropriate cheats every now and then .

My experience with pole dancing started in September 2012 when I had my first class and it was epic! Nothing like I’ve ever done before !

I think I gain so much from both pilates and pole dancing and together they give me the perfect fitness combination.

Firstly pilates gave me the most important asset of all, Body Control! It helps know exactly which muscle group to aim for whenever you do an exercise or trick for that matter. It’s like when your teacher shows a new move all you see is the geometry of the movement and which muscles need to be activated and at what point. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it from the first try, you know how it needs to be executed and you know you’ll get there! On the pole on the other hand sometimes i got so disoriented and confused because of how fast you need to move sometimes especially in combos, as in pilates we usually take our time and let our body “feel the movement”. Pole dancing helped me become a fast thinker !

So now don’t get me wrong I’m a pilates freak but the the upper body strength I gained from pole dancing is such a pleasant surprise!

Also pilates helps me protect my body from injuries and helps me relax after a difficult pole class, come on admit it we all get home sore and tired sometimes, the happy kind of course but still a little pilates is a nice treat for my body. I take it as a reward for doing so well in pole class!

Of course I have to mention the cardio . When you pole you also do cardio which is so important for your body and I always advise my students to combine some cardio exercise with pilates .

Last but not least pole dancing gives you a special kind of confidence and ooooh the chills of excitement when you accomplish a new move cannot compare with anything else!

I love both so much and I could never imagine myself not doing one of them because above all I gained peace of mind and a strong healthy body!!!

So what I would like to point out – see what I did there 😛 – is that whatever you want to do either it is pilates or pole or cross fit or ballet , there are so many options, just go ahead and give it a try! No one expects you to be perfect from the first time and of course you can never know if you like it unless you try it ..

 No more excuses just go for it !

PS. TRX is pretty awesome, too !!!

We want to thank Christina_S for her awesome article… waiting for more stories…

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