Katerina Soldatou, getting to know this astounding Extreme Aerial Dance Artist!

We had the great honor to meet up and talk with Katerina Soldatou. We have admired her for years and it was about time to meet her and learn all the things we wanted for her by her!
Katerina has achieved so much through the Extreme Aerial Dance and we think that she manages to fight even our own fears with what she does. Only by googling her name you will be able to find all her performances at the most amazing and extreme places!

1. When did you start falling in love with dance and realised that this is what you wanna do in your life?

Since, I was two years old, dancing was all I wanted to do and during the difficult years of adolescence my escape and a powerful treatment for disappointment, anger and sorrow.

Dancing and daily exercise have made me who I am today. They have taught me how to take care of my body, be persistent and set goals.

2. When did you start teaching aerial dance? Is it full filling? Have you ever encountered an incident with a scared student?

I began teaching aerial dance ten years ago and this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Scared students? Of course. People in general experience fear and anxiety from their early life for several reasons. Many will experience misfortune and hardship, which will cause anxiety in the future. A significant part of aerial dance teaching concentrates on how to master your fears especially when flying in the air. Scared students are definitely part of the game.

3. Were you always an extreme girl? Have you ever felt scared? Tell us about the “Greece has Soul” project.

I like pushing myself to the limits through various activities. This also means that I have driven myself beyond my comfort zone in multiple occasions. My father was my first influence in the world of athletics. We used to dive from high rocks into the sea, handstand in crazy places and free dive in deep waters. Today, my husband is my mentor, my idol and my coach, not only in extreme sports but also in everyday life challenges. 

“Greece has Soul” is a dream come true, my greatest challenge and a very demanding project for my whole team. It promotes and offers publicity to many Greece’s landmarks and history through the art of aerial dancing at scaring heights. Big bridges are my favourite spots for extreme aerial dancing performances. 

4. Which is by far your favourite destination and the one you consider the most important for you?

I can’t distinguish one. All the places where I have performed were unique in their own way and with a very meaningful story.

5. Have you seen progress in aerial sports during the years in Greece? 

Aerial sports have become popular and kind of trendy nowadays. The number of people interested in the art of aerials is rapidly increasing.

It’s nice to see people eager to learn and enjoy the excitement, but on the other hand they should be mindful and careful in their choice of aerial school and instructor. Finding the right coach should not be taken light heartedly. No one should consider aerial dance teaching as an easy and effortless practice.

6. Aerial yoga or aerial silks? Are they the same thing?

Definitely not the same activity and misinterpreted quite often. Aerial yoga is performed on short hammocks at low heights as movement along the fabric is limited in contrast to aerial silks where long fabrics and height are essential to performing climbs, wraps and drops. Of course, there are aerial artists using longer aerial hammocks in low or big heights, as an expression of dance,

In my case, the first national news articles published about my actions created such an enthusiasm, that’s what I want to believe, driving some journalists to rush into poor research and falsely entitling me as an aerial yoga performer and this title has been following me in most Greek publications ever since. That’s sad and some times it hits a nerve, but at the same time news agencies abroad entitle me as an extreme aerial dancer and that surely brings a big smile on my face.

7. Tell us about your next projects and plans.

I am currently trying to create a multi-talented group of dancers, able to perform in different dance disciplines. 

I am studying hard and getting a better understanding of human physiology and mind set by being seriously involved in new sports and activities. Learning and evolving is a never-ending process. Once you truly realise this, you are unstoppable and driven for life.

Year 2021 will unravel a series of new amazing projects and endeavours, so stay tuned!!!

Katerina Soldatou

The Sky is no longer the limit


photos by Haris Sfakianakis, www.hsfakianakis.com

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