Frequently asked questions about Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is a dance where the dancer performs dance or acrobatic moves by using a vertical, fixed metal pole as support, which is placed on the floor to the ceiling. It is an effective type of exercise as well as an art form.

Although mainly associated with women, more and more men are beginning to realize the benefits of Pole Dance. Pole Dancing Championships are carried out on various countries worldwide. Each year, more and more talented children steal the show. In addition, Pole Dancing has joined the performances of the famous circus Cirque du Soleil. Following, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Pole Dancing.

It is an effective type of exercise as well as an art form!

Is it suitable for me?

The Pole Dancing is addressed to all. To start, you do not need to be already very fit, thin or flexible. The movements taught at beginner level are planned so as to strengthen your body and to prepare it for more difficult levels.

Your instructor is there to guide you, to help you and to support you throughout your course, regardless of the age or your physical condition. If you have background in dance or gymnastics be sure that you will be surprised and it will work as a challenge, since it is something quite different from what you have tried. Your progression will depend on your dedication.

Is it dangerous?

Pole Dancing may become dangerous when:

  • You don’t follow the instructions provided by your instructor.

It is based on techniques and you must have full understanding of that before you try doing an exercise.

Read more about your relationship with your instructor here

  • Practice when you are at home with inappropriate equipment.

Invest in a professional, reliable pole and be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for the installation.

Find here the Pole Buying Guide we have prepared for you.

  • Push yourself to perform movements your body is not yet ready.

The exercises must be learnt gradually. Don’t rush into a new move if you don’t master the basics. Allow some time for your body to adapt.
Talk to your instructor and she/he will guide you in accordance with your level.

  • You don’t warm up

To avoid injury make sure you do warm-up exercises, targeting specific muscles and joints which you will use during your workout.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves muscular strength, durability and flexibility
  • increases self-confidence
  • reduces stress
  • Improves posture
  • firms up and stimulates the whole body
  • eliminates cellulite
  • Causes the burning of calories and the loss of points
  • All of the above are visible in a very short period of time

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