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PointOut Polewear

We are here to make a statement, to make a point, to help you make your Point! You are strong, unique, confident, and ready to express yourself and explore all the amazing things out there!

Our Story

PointOut Polewear is a brand created and based in Athens Greece. The idea itself came into our minds after we met, tried and fell in love with pole dancing. At that time, we had two great loves pole and fashion! We immediately thought that it was a challenging project to combine those two loves and create something pole-tastic!

From our first attempts in pole dancing, the one thing that would ring through our ears all the time was: “Point your toooooooes… POINT them…”, so having that in mind and taking into consideration that we need to make a statement while wearing our apparel, Point out was born…

Proud co-organisers and sponsors of Poleart Greece, a POSA (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation | www.posaworld.org) official competition.

Proud members of the Hellenic Pole and Aerial Acrobatics Sports Federation (HPSAF | www.hpsaf.gr).

Our Products

From the very beginning, our goal was to create stylish and comfortable clothes suitable for pole dancing, but also suitable for yoga, pilates, aerial acrobatics and fitness.

All point out clothing is made with love and care. Our main focus is the high quality and design of clothes along with ensuring that they provide great functionality which gives you the security and freedom you need to perform. The materials used are of high quality which stand up to the intensive practicing routines, sweating spells and frequent washing.

Designed in Greece, manufactured in the world!

Our Partners | Resellers

• Italiapoledanceshop | www.italiapoledanceshop.it             

• Polemaniac | www.polemaniac.com

• Pole in Style | www.poleinstyle.com

•Pole Boutique | www.poleboutique.ie

• In my Pole Bag | www.inmypolebag.fr

• Vertical Wise | www.verticalwise.com

• Pole Dance Ireland | www.poledanceireland.com

•Love Pole Kisses | www.lovepolekisses.com

• Vertical Divas, Athens, Greece – N. Ionia, Pagrati, Ag. Paraskevi, Peristeri, Elliniko | www.divaspoledancing.gr

• Strike A Pose Flyers Academy, Athens, Greece


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PointOut Polewear

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