A pole dancer’s summer vacation!

(any resemblance to real persons and situations are symptomatic!)

August is here and your aching body screams for vacation! Covered in bruises, not being able to climb up the pole due to the heat… you know that it’s about time to beat it… no more injuries fo me this year!

You open your suitcase and throw in all your polewear: pole tops, pole bottoms, even your favourite velvet leotard of last years show, you can easily wear them as beachwear…. Our wardrobe is weatherproof! 

You get your best mate and hop on the boat to your dream destination. Just in case, on the way there you check on your mobile the possibility of finding a pole studio there… 

– «Are you serious?», your girlfriend says, «Pole dancing studio in Koufonisia (a small Greek Island)?»

– «… and why not?» you say, «there are so many new pole studios! You never know!»

You are finally there! Get into your summer clothing and run to the beach immediately… and the moment that you are only with your swimwear on is here! 

– «Wow! What a body!» (from the woman at the next sunbed), «what workout do you do?»

– «Pole dancing!» (you answer in pride)

– «WOWWWW! I want to try!»

…And you begin to give a full-extra detailed briefing, where she can find pole studios, how many times per week she can go, the cost, the benefits, etc… 

In the meantime, your friend, that is not in the relevant with pole, is extremely bored and has already drunk 4 cocktails, while the girl’s boyfriend is checking you out and imagines his girlfriend doing crazy stuff…

Next goal is… the perfect photoshoot.

Handstand on the sand? «Bridge» on the deck? «Eagle» at the wooden sunshade? 

Every pole dancer sees every pole as a possible pole dancing pole and searches for the right angle and the best photo ever! 

«Where are you dragging me?» (your friend complains, with no chance to feel sorry for her)

But nothing stops you! Neither the rusty iron that you will get infected if you clim on it, nor the local old lady that she looks at you like you are «possessed» in the «Exorcist», or the dog chasing you because you climbed on the fence of the yard of it’s house. 

And that’s how time passes … and before you know it you have to go back. Thank God! …  the withdrawal syndrome was getting stronger and stronger… You see the sun umbrellas, the beams and break into tears… you are dreaming that you mastered Kivela’s combo. Last night, in the bar you heard the perfect song for the perfect choreography that you thought at the beach.

Meanwhile, you have drunk so much and eaten everything that came on the table…

«Put down the Mousaka! You will need a lift to get you up the pole» (mocks your friend)

You run and you look in the mirror…

Farewell  abs  and lineage! All year’s effort is gone… So you grab your friend and suitcases and get the boat back.

While travelling, you call your pole teacher and schedule a lesson fist thing next day.

–    «Did you have fun? Did you find someone you like?» she asks.

–    «No! (you answer happily), «BUT I FOUND THE BEST SONG FOR THE BEST CHOREOGRAPHY!»…

We want to thank Matinaki for this funny but so true article and Elpida Diam for the summer pole photos!!!

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