A daily workout by Kseniia Kochenkova

Those days seems like a bad dream and a reality that we wouldn’t think we would ever live in.

One day it was announced that we are all forced in Quarantine so we can save prevent COVID-19 spread and help our selves and our loved ones to be safe. We were all in a shock, unsure about what all this mean about our jobs, daily routines, lives… but above all these we have to think about our health! So we stay at home safe, positive and active!

We present you a daily workout routine of Kseniia Kochenkova, an amazing pole athlete and person, that will make you get up of that sofa, get into your activewear and make it till the end!

But first of all, let’s meet Kseniia:

Kseniia is Ukrainian but lives in Greece 🇬🇷. She is an ex aerobic gymnastics competitor that she discovered pole dance in 2013 and fell in love! She loves to train hard and teach!

Some of her awesome achievements:
🏆 Greek pole dance champion.
🏆 Won the elite title at Pole Art Greece 2016.
🏆 Among the top 10 at the World Pole Sport championship by POSA in 2016.
🏆 World pole sport finalist in 2017.
🏆 Have participated in over 20 Pole Art/sport competitions.
🏆 Teaching workshops and summer pole dance camps.
Totally dedicated to sport, she trains everywhere: outside, on the beach, at home. She loves to teach , share and see her students progress. She will give you every tip to avoid a frustration.

Here is here daily routine programme:

  1. Running
  2. High knee run
  3. Jumps jugs
  4. High jump – tuck on your back
  5. Lunge jumps: 5 on each leg
  6. High kick legs: 5 on each leg
  7. Squats to high toes, hold 10 secs
  8. Straddle position, hands on each leg – 10 times in each leg
  9. Pike position, toes flexed, bend forward for 10 times
  10. Stretch your wrists
  11. Leg kicks on the floor. Put your arms back and them fully straight. 10 left, 10 right and 5 both legs
  12. Bridge (move your weight to your arms, try to fully extend them)
  13. Back kick legs: 10 right, 10 left
  14. Elbow plank hold / one arm extension: 10 sec / 10 reps
  15. Straight arm plank hold. Shoulder touch: 10 sec / 10 reps
  16. Straight arm plank to elbows: 10 reps
  17. Push ups: 10 reps
  18. Forward arms plank hold: 10 sec
  19. Leg raises / hollow holds . tuck holds: 10 reps / 10 sec / 10 reps
  20. Dynamic pikes / straddles from lay down back position: 5 / 5 reps
  21. Arch back holds: 10 moves / 10 sec hold

And of course we have the video for all of you to watch and do the routine at the same time:


We want to thank Kseniia for sharing this with us!!! Time to get up and follow her!

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